Our story

There are many voices to be heard, many stories to be told.

All in all, there are amazing people doing amazing things in this country of ours, and we are doing what we can to bring this to light, because we hope it can contribute to a better world.


The work we have produced over the years is the result of a great many collaborations with a wide range of wonderful people.

However at the core of most of what Feenish does are brothers James & Michael Kelly. Their collaborations in Feenish build on their earlier collaborations, which mostly involved lego, toy cars and building dens.

The photo to the left is of Michael and James working on ‘Mini City’ one of the first Feenish projects, in the early 2000s.



Before setting up Feenish, James worked for a number of years in theatre, dance and visual arts. This experience has greatly informed his approach to film making.

He mostly produces and directs Feenish projects, but also enjoys shooting and editing (and playing the piano, and rowing on the Liffey). James is chair of Pan Pan Theatre Company, and is on the board of Fumbally Exchange.


Primarily a DP, Michael has worked across Ireland and internationally, shooting everything from feature documentary to art films to children’s television.

A man of many talents, he also edits, and works as a shooter/director when the project requires it.

In his spare time, he practices Tae Kwondo and spends time in nature. Michael lives in Kerry with his family, a dog and a cat and a few thousand bees.


Feenish is one of the most beautiful islands off the coast of Connemara. Once well populated, the last islander moved to the nearby mainland in the 1980s. Renowned in its day for its music and craic, now empty homes hint at past lives lived, stories untold. It is a place of mystery, sadness, beauty and inspiration.

The island now is home to an abundance of wildlife. The people of Feenish live on through their descendants who live nearby in Connemara, as well as across Ireland and the world.