Joyce – the Student

University College Dublin, 1898-1902

Schooled by the Jesuits in Clongowes Wood and Belvedere College, in 1898 the sixteen year old James Joyce entered University College Dublin a devout Catholic, and an exceptionally bright and very popular boy.

However, gradually over the four years he spent in UCD, he changed radically and philosophically, discontinuing his Catholic practices and ultimately coming to the belief that his education was exclusively his own responsibility.

James Joyce was perhaps Ireland’s greatest writer of the twentieth century. His contribution to modern English literature is unparalleled. Much has been written on his life, however very little information has been written about his formative time as a university student.

In this newly published book, Prof. John Kelly traces Joyce’s time in University College Dublin. Kelly’s work shines a light on the political and social factors at play in UCD at this time, and how the contributed to development of the young Joyce’s development.

This book will shortly be available for purchase online.